It was so incredible!

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A) Last week we had our English Speaker Week. It was so incredible! We had a lot of fun!

We played games, sang songs, baked cupcakes and went to the gym. Our English teachers were Andie and Ronald.
Andie comes from North America, but now she lives in Budapest. Ronald is from California, but now he lives in Budapest too. Andie is a big space fan. She always looks crazy with her space pullover, her trousers and her backpack. She was full of spirit.Ronald was the opposite. He was calm and very funny too. His favourite song is ,,Country Roads''. We always sang it in the lessons. We loved the teachers!!!! We learned a lot of new English words, but it wasn't boring, it was great!!! We learned a lot about America, that was interesting. It was good, that we learned to understand people, who come from English speaking countries.
We liked the English Speaker Week, it was a very memorable experience. We believe we have never laughed so much like this week. We definitely recommend this week for the next classes!! ❤ We have a whatsapp group and we write there with Andie, that's so funny! Thank you for this week, we loved it!! Written by Elisa und Bettina

B) Last week was the English project week. We had two teachers and their names are Ronni and Andrea. Ronni comes from America. Andy comes from Connecticut. Markus' and Christian's favourite teacher was Ronni because he was nice and friendly. Andy was often angry. In Ronni's home there is a bear. His name is Jogi bear. It is a hungry bear because it ate the rubbish. We played the Simon game and the Werewolf game. With Ronni we cooked pancakes. They were very delicious. I didn't like the strawberries on the pancakes.
We sang lots of songs. The best song was Country Roads. On Friday we had a presentation. Christian was a character in two sketches and Markus was a character in one sketch. This was the best week ever. Made by Markus and Christian

C) Last week we had our English-Speaker-Week. It was a really funny week and we learned a lot of new words. Our teachers Andie and Ronnie were really nice and crazy. Andie comes from the U.S.A and now she lives in Budapest and Ronnie comes from California and now he lives in Budapest too. Andie is a really amazing woman, she was always cheerful. She loves candies, has an amazing voice and wears cool clothes. Ronnie is a really cool person, because he always makes boring things funny so we laughed a lot. He told us about California and showed us pictures from his home. So our teachers were amazing and funny.
We played a lot of games, we baked cupcakes, played Dodgeball, listened to music, we sang songs and we tried to speak English all the time - that was sometimes really funny. On Friday we had a presentation for our school where we sang the "Four-chord-song" and "Country Roads" and we did a funny sketch about a chewing gum. We would recommend this project for the next class and we hope they will have as much fun as we had. Simone and Denise

D) Last week we had a Native Speaker Week. It was very funny but a little bit difficult to speak English all the time. The teachers were called Ronald and Andrea. Their nicknames were Ronnie and Andy. Ronnie was very cool and nice and we had a lot of fun with him. Andy was a little bit crazy and chaotic but we also had a lot of fun with her.
On Monday Ronnie showed us his home in the U.S.A. He lives in a very cool forest in California. He told us that sometimes a bear called Yogi came and knocked their rubbish tins to find food. Our favourite game was the ''Werewolf'' game and we played it on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday we cooked pancakes in the kitchen and they were very delicious. On Friday we had a presentation and we practice for it on Thursday and a little bit on Friday. We acted out two sketches. "Tasty soup" and "Missing Homework".
My class says Ronnie was nicer and a little bit funnier. I think both teachers were very good but Ronnie was really a little bit nicer. My opinion is that the week was really cool all in all I had a lot of fun. And the best part, of course, was that we all learned better English. Thank you for the beautiful week, Ronnie and Andy. We already miss you now. Written by Julian and Alfred

E) Last week we had the English project week. The teachers were from America and their names were Ronald and Andie. Ron was from Lake Tahoe in California. Now he lives in Budapest in Hungary. He said he was younger than Tom Cruise and older than Brad Pitt. He was funny and we played funny games with him. He always wore a pullover and jeans. His hair is brown and he sometimes wore glasses.
Andie's nickname is "Andie-Candy", because she loves Candy. She likes space, Harry Potter and Marvel's, too. Andie is from Westport, Connecticut. Now she also lives in Budapest. Andie is 29 years old and her birthday was in the project week, on Feb. 23rd. She was crazy (she said so about herself). Andie wanted us to speak in full sentences. Andie always wore a pullover and T- shirt underneath. She has curly blond hair.
We tried to speak English all the time but we often spoke German when we talked to our classmates. On Monday, we met the teachers and played games. For example, the wolf game, it is a cool game and I like it a lot. On Tuesday, we went to the gym with the other class. First, we played dodgeball and then we played games from Andie. On Wednesday, we thought about our project on Friday and practiced it. On Thursday, we baked Blueberry Muffins. We had to bring the ingredients by ourselves. In my group, the dough was not liquid enough so we had to add a lot of milk and coconut oil.
On Friday we had our presentation, we made a sketch and the four-chord song with acting alone. With the other class, we sang "Country Roads".
I learned to understand English better and I also learned thinking in English. I think the week was really funny and I would recommend it for next year. Written by Yvonne Köck

F) Last week we had a native speaker week. The teachers' names were Ronny and Andy, we had a lot of fun. Ron comes from America but now he lives in Budapest. He has brown hair and every day he wore blue jeans and a pullover, he was very funny.
Andy comes from Connecticut. She was a special person. She had curly blonde hair and she wore skinny T-shirts. On Monday we learned about their home in the USA. After learning we played the change chairs game. On Tuesday we played a lot of games with Ronny. On Wednesday we cooked pancakes with fruits, they were very very delicious. On Thursday we studied the sketch. On Friday we had a presentation, sang songs and showed the sketch. It was a very amazing week. Nina & Elli

G) The native speaker week was from the 17th to the 23rd of February. The teachers were Ronald and Andy. My favourite teacher was Ronald. I liked Ronald because he was funny and we learned to play the werewolf game and we learned to cook pancakes. Ronald comes from California but now he lives in Budapest. He is fifty-five years old. His favourite food are pancakes. Andy comes from Connecticut. Now she lives in Budapest. She has got one sister. We played a game with her.
We definitely enjoyed the week, because it was so funny with the teacher and we learned a lot. Written by Tamas

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